Pay your Band Assessment Fees and the Competition Travel Fees via Visa or Mastercard.


Pay Online

Click on “High Schools”

Click on “Choctawhatchee High School”

Scroll and select fee you are paying. You can add multiple fees to your “cart”.  You can also change the quantity.

Example:  If you owe the Assessment Fee Installment #3 and #4 of $200 ($100 each), you will need to select the fee “Band Assessment Fee Install 3 and 4″.  In the Quantity field, change to 2.  This will pay the $200 due.

Service charges do apply and the amount will be disclosed before you finalize the payment.  The School will notify the booster when payment is received.  However, it may take 7-10 working days for the credit to go through.  So please email Bob Hudgens ( advising of your credit card payment.

Thank you,
Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer