Emerald Coast Marching Classic

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Meal Deal Order Form

Directors, please complete/submit the Meal Deal Order Form 

no later than October 10, 2016. 



Since there is No Outside Cooking or Meal Prep allowed at the ECMC, please consider pre-ordering meals at a discounted price for your band. By pre-ordering your meals, you will save money, avoid time waiting in the concession line, and be guaranteed a meal served according to your schedule.

  1. Download the Meal Deal Order for details on meals offered and pricing.
  2. Submit your order no later than Monday, October 10, 2016
  3. Make checks payable to “Choctawhatchee High School Band” and submit payment during check-in on the day of the event. Please remember to bring your master meal-deal list to ensure the proper meals are distributed to each student.
  4. Contact Martha Brockensick if you have any questions - (martha.brockensick@yahoo.com).
All meals include the main dish, chips, and one beverage (water or Gatorade).
(No chip or beverage substitutions permitted.)

*Required fields are shown in red.

School Name: 

Enter the number of meals per meal choice.
Meal Choices
# of Meals
Hamburger Meal
Cheeseburger Meal
Small Hot Dog Meal (1 hot dog)
Large Hot Dog Meal (2 hot dogs)
Chick-fil-a Meal
Individual Cheese Pizza (2 slices)
Individual Pepperoni Pizza (2 slices)
Whole Cheese Pizza (Meal for 4 persons)*
Whole Pepperoni Pizza (Meal for 4 persons)*
*(Whole pizza meals includes 8 slices, 4 chips and 4 drinks)

Drink choices for Meal Deals: (Please indicate number of drinks for TOTAL ORDER. Enter "0" if applicable.)

Meals will be distributed from the Visitor Side Concessions Stand (near Band Pass Gate). We also offer delivery to your bus or to your band's section in the stands. Please select a distrubtion option. 

Planned Meal Time:

Point of Contact: (Day of event contact)



Enter name and phone number of person who certifies that their school/band will pay for meals ordered.

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